‘Cherry Lips’ mum creates new way of sending sweet messages through the post

Say it with retro sweets – not just flowers

A HERTFORDSHIRE mum has taken on the tradition of sending flowers and chocolates to friends and family and replaced it with sending a box of retro sweets.

Lisa ‘Cherry Lips’ Gomm’s business, tucktuck, was inspired by – somewhat unfortunately – a friend being unceremoniously dumped by her boyfriend.

She said: “I wanted to do something to cheer her up which was a bit different, to send a message through the post which was more than just a card, but more affordable than a bouquet of flowers and less standard than a box of chocolates. So I struck on the idea of sending sweets which could be packaged to fit through letter boxes, making sure there’s no ‘come and pick it up’ note left on the doorstep.”

Lisa, 40, explained that the name, tucktuck, came from her travels to Thailand where a tuc tuc is a form of public transport, combined with the old fashioned name for a sweet shop – the tuck shop.

“Sticking with the old-fashioned theme, which I think brings back happy childhood memories for a lot of people, I decided on the old sweet shop style treats such as bon bons, cola bottles, rhubarb and custard and pear drops as they are easier to package and send through the post. Besides, who doesn’t like sweets?” she said.

Customers can choose two types of sweet variety from a selection, weighing up to 100g, along with one of the many cards with individual messages on, from Suck Cess to Bah Hum Bug and Yummy Mummy. There are up to 32 different designs available. The parcels containing the sweets are completely letter box friendly.
Lisa went on: “The sweets can be sent to anyone or any business for absolutely any reason, they’re not just for birthdays or anniversaries, although we can do cherry lips for Valentines and candy canes for Christmas, for example.

“You could, as I did when I started, send a parcel to a friend who’s been dumped, to say sorry, or to say get well, thanks or just hi. Also if someone you know has pranged the car, had a baby or basically just had a crap day at work! It could also be a first day in a job or new school or the cat died – the list is endless.

“It’s more like a gesture than a gift, like a hug in the post to try and brighten someone’s day. One of my favourites is ‘suck on these’, added Lisa.

A former graphic designer, Lisa lost her mum tragically when she was a teenager and wanted to have more flexibility when her children were born and spend as much time with them as possible – hence starting up and building the tucktuck business.
And as for keeping a lot of sweets in the house around two small children, Lisa said she warned the boys that if they helped themselves they would end up with spots like they did when they had chicken pox.

“It sounds naughty, but it seems to have worked,” laughed Lisa.

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