The Laura Berrill PR Agency

Laura Berrill PRA St Albans based Hertfordshire Media and PR Agency, The Laura Berrill PR Agency has been founded by a highly-experienced, former national newspaper journalist and public relations consultant.

The exposure this business has created for its clients has been driven through Laura’s experience and knowledge of the press: what they want – as well as what they don’t want – and how to find and write a powerful story with the best angles and hooks to present to the media at the right times.

“Since Laura has been working with us this last year we have seen our turnover double and it’s been largely due to her work of raising our profile in many ways”

John Robinson, Director, St Albans Wood Recycling

The Laura Berrill PR Agency does not specialise in the type of media exposure it can offer its clients, it has a wealth of experience of writing for a wide variety of publications on a broad range of subjects.

As a journalist, Laura believes effective PR can be straightforward. Her agency’s work is often picked up by newspapers and other media virtually word for word, due to its excellent written communication skills and ability to target the right media for its clients’ requirements.

Placing the right story in the media gives your business credibility, unlike expensive advertising, which is often ineffective.

The Laura Berrill PR Agency clients have been placed on international and national television, on the radio as well as national newspapers, national magazines, large regional newspapers, national trade press, local press and broadcast, as well as websites, online and social media.

Costs are competitive, but the resulting credibility and increased sales created for your business, event or product are priceless.