Recycled wood makes perfect surface for back friendly chairs and desks

St Albans Wood RecyclingRecycled wood makes perfect surface for back friendly chairs and desks

The UK’s distributor of the back pain-fighting Back App chair has used a table top made from reclaimed timber to show off the chair at exhibitions.

Mike Dilke, owner of Relaxback UK, chose St Albans Wood Recyclers to design and make the table top to go with the adjustable height table which works well with the Back App chair.

A supporter of green principles who ran this year’s London Marathon for the BackCare charity, Mike said:

“To use the Back App you usually need a slightly higher desk, so a good way of doing this is to use wooden blocks and St Albans Wood Recycling has been providing them for me. On my last visit I noticed a great desk top they had made so I ordered a similar one and have been using it at exhibitions as I now sell desks as well.”

He went on:

“Then a customer of mine wanted some special desk tops to go with the adjustable height desk frames I supply. I supplied the first frame and the team made a scaffold board top and delivered it the same day and I set it all up. It looks great. It is 2.4m long and 0.85m deep so is a pretty special desk – the whole thing moves up and down.

“The same customer has now ordered a desktop made from marineply with exposed end grain. Again this is big and will be on the sleek looking adjustable frame that I import. He will now be using the Back App chair with the desk.

“I really think that there is a good chance that companies would like the tops for meeting and conference tables and using my frames they can get a large table that is adjustable in height, so they can meet standing up or sitting at any height.”

St Albans Wood Recycling is a not for profit social enterprise which collects disused wood from building sites and the like,  make it safe and sell it on for a wide variety of uses, or designs and makes bespoke furniture from the timber.

It also offers volunteering and training opportunities to the unemployed and those from troubled backgrounds, helping them to learn different skills and getting them back into paid employment.

Mike added: “I chose St Albans Wood Recycling as I really liked the idea of them doing something useful to help people having trouble finding a job and Geoff the rest of the staff are great to deal with.”

Founder of the St Albans Wood Recycling, Geoff Deans, who gave up a City career in IT to launch the business, said:

“There really are a 1001 uses for reclaimed timber out there and it’s always good to put our wood to use in any kind of area. We have already made a large conference table for a London media company so it’s great the table tops also work well with Mike’s desk frames and chairs.”

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