Women now ‘too old’ to have kids?

The news today was constantly banging on about the ‘risks’ associated with women having children a little later in life.

Let’s get this into perspective: Women one hundred years ago (and for centuries before that) were dying in childbirth on a regular basis because they were married off and impregnated too young; and children dying young was also very common. Now we are evidently too old to have kids.

Medical advances mean problems in pregnancy and birth are considerably less and we are also living longer. I had my eldest child when I was 29 and actually deemed ‘young’ even for a first child.

It makes sense, particularly in the current economic climate, that women will work longer hours and years before having a family to ensure they can financially look after their children. The days when women could stay at home without working and rely on their partner’s income are over. For good. That is the luxury of the few these days.

Women are regularly criticised for their choices over career and family. We are often berated for giving priority to a career before children. Obviously we can do no right when it comes to our own choices over our careers and bodies.

Maybe if the UK made childcare more affordable and working hours more flexible, then women would not have to put off having children? However, we are also fitter and healthier and quite able to have a healthy pregnancy and birth into our 40s in the 21st century.

The media should take note of these points and lay off. The choice is ours and always will be.

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