Newsletters & Mailshots

Newsletters let your clients and audience know what you are continuing to do to help them. They are a quick and targeted way of communicating about where you are at in your business, what’s new and what’s coming up, such as a launch or event.

Laura Berrill Publicity and PR can put all of these updates into a concise, easy to read and – vitally – interesting document which takes the hassle from updating your customers about your work for them.

What we do is put the information into a shortened newspaper-type newsletter with headlines and intros which grab your customers’ attention and urges them to read on; therefore getting the exact information across as quickly and easily as possible and retaining your clients’ interest in your work.

Your newsletter can be also sent out as a “mailshot” where preferenced.

Contact your customers directly with an engaging newsletter or mailshot. If you think we can help get in touch.