Case Studies, Features and In Depth Articles

The press, although inundated with copy from millions of publicity-seeking hopefuls, still need to fill their pages with great stories and interesting information. Editors and producers want the right stories which are of genuine interest to their readers and listeners.

Laura Berrill Publicity and PR can do just that. We take time to meet and talk to the clients and gather the best information to make a great story for the media.Features and In-depth articles are written exactly how the target media wants so there are less queries and the story can be picked up easily and quickly.

We provide exclusive features for a whole range of press, which can fill from a full page to several pages, along with good quality, expressive images.

It’s a cliche, but everyone has a story. Do you have a great story to help promote your business, but not quite sure how to tell it? We ask all the right questions and write you an inspiring story that the press will love. Ask us how at or call 07944 555238