‘This is to say a big thank you for your help so far for getting my new product exposed to the areas I am targeting such as local papers, national magazines and radio. The connections and contacts I have made within the last few months has been an eye opener in to the market I am able to potentially sell to. As this is all new to me, the experience so far is invaluable as it gives me the know how for all future products and books I am currently working on. I would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone that requires this type of exposure for their industry as getting this type of awareness is crucial. Wishing you all the best Laura and keep up the great work. ‘

James Koumis JKS Creations

‘I met Laura through a recommendation from a fellow networker Debbie Gilbert at Viva. We initially instructed Laura to help us promote our business award and I was extremely impressed with the results she achieved with just 1 press release to local publications. We have continued to use Laura since and have gained coverage in more industry specific, national and local publications aswell as featuring on various radio shows. Laura is reliable, efficient and cost effective therefore making her an asset to our business and its growth.’

Anne Timpany, On Tap Plumbers

Rose-Edmunds“A friend introduced me to Laura just after my first thriller Never Say Sorry had been published.

Laura got cracking straight away and successfully pitched my story to various local and trade publications, plus Radio Sussex. Her background in journalism really gives her the edge as she knows exactly how to present information to the media. She was also very systematic, being careful to establish the best contact and following up relentlessly until she got results. Sales of the book are going well and Laura has played a key role in this.

Not only is Laura extremely effective, but she is also very easy to work with. Her direct, no-nonsense style suits me down to the ground, and I will definitely be using her services in the future.”

Rose Edmunds, Author

Working with Laura has been a real pleasure. I had never needed or used a publicist before, so it was a real learning journey, but Laura made it very easy and it turned out to be a very productive association.

As this was my first children’s book, finding a retail channel was always going to be difficult, however Laura managed to get access to Waterstone’s, as well as slots on local radio and in many of the local press.

I sold more than 200 copies in the first two weeks of launching, which for a new book is extremely  good.

I will definitely be working with Laura again.

Howard Wright -Author – Insight2Foresight

I have worked with many PR companies and consultants in previous roles. However, I can recommend Laura to any company who needs to get publicity but doesn’t have vast budgets which so many less effective PR agencies and services demand.

She got to grips with what we did very quickly, hitting the ground running. Laura is great at picking out the news angle to a story, and it makes a refreshing change for someone to write a news piece which doesn’t have to be rewritten before it’s able to be sent out.

In fact, her press releases very often appear in publications word for word and no journalists phone up to ask questions, saving so much time, and proving she is spot on with what the press are after. She is a pleasure to work with, sharing the enthusiasm and positivity we have for Wildchild.

Lynda Regan, Wildchild Activities

We employed Laura on the basis of her experience of news gathering and she didn’t disappoint: she has a nose for what makes a good story and the knack of writing excellent and punchy pieces.
I recommended her to work for a London PR company as I knew that her news sense would be an asset on the other side of the fence. Laura showed a good deal of commitment when she worked with us: she’s hard-working, diligentand had an excellent attendance record. She was a lively member of the team and contributed a lot to our news discussions. I would recommend her to anyone needing editorial and PR services.

Maxwell Cooter
Executive Editor, Techworld

Laura has proven herself to be a highly experienced journalist and PR Executive. Her previous experience working in local newspapers and working her way up into national publications has enabled her to write for anyone on any subject with accuracy and flair.
As a PR, Laura consistently gives her client the maximum media exposure require within her remit. She is able to work on her own initiative and constantly stays ahead of the news with her research.

Kerry Edge, Miss Natural Curves Co-Coordinator

We would totally recommend Laura Berrill for PR – she has worked wonders with getting the Popdance name in the media, from local newspapers, right through to national magazines as well as radio coverage.
Laura is extremely pro-active, and is always coming up with new ideas of how to get us more publicity and to reach our target audience. No sooner have we mentioned a publication that we are interested in working with, than Laura has already drafted a press release and has all the relevant contact details, ready to go.

She is immediately there when you need her and never pushy. The other fantastic thing about Laura is that she always says “thank you” to the publications she works with and builds a great relationship with them – she is professional, she works hard, and she gets us fantastic publicity.

Sue Wybrow – Managing Director – Popdance

Laura is an experienced and accomplished reporter and I would happily work with her again. She has a professional attitude, a probing mind and will push to get a story. She can pick up any subject and run with it and has a good sense of humour.

Madeleine Acey
Desk Editor, Times Online

It’s been a pleasure to work with Laura. She’s very down to earth, easy to work with, experienced in her field and equally wants our company to grow. As a start up, it’s important to find someone we can invest in who is as passionate about our business as we are, takes the time to understand our company ethos, our story of where we come from and where we’d like to be, and how much we’d like to spread the word about our business – therefore giving us a return on our investment.You’re as sweet as our tucktuck boxes – thanks Laura!

Lisa Gomm, Owner – www.tucktuck.co.uk

However to help me tell people how the Back App can be beneficial I got some help in the form of a PR person. Laura Berril has helped enormously and ‘spread the word’ in articles such as the one here.

Mike Dilke at Relax Back UK

We have now been working with you for a few months and I felt it was time to formally thank you for all of your hard work and your determination to get our artists stories published from Middlesex to Trinidad!

Preparing press releases and getting them to the right people at just the right time is an art, crucial to get it right if you want to get noticed and written about. Without exception, you have achieved success for each of the artists we have asked you to promote, also securing publicity for our global website now showcasing 600 talented artists from around the world.

As you often tell people yourself, the public are much more likely to read about you and remember you if there is a good story and a photo. Certainly your experience at putting together and presenting the stories to the right editorial contacts shines through every time. Most professional.

I now have total confidence in recommending you and your services to anyone who has a newsworthy story they want to get noticed by the press.

The speed at which you work and deliver success is truly amazing and represents excellent value for money. I look forward to planning our next campaign with you.

Thanks for everything you have done Laura, it is much appreciated.

Joelsio Lima, The Magician’s Nephew Band

We have been working with The Laura Berrill PR Agency now nearly a year and it has been quite exciting to see how far we’ve come.

Laura is focused, dedicated and most importantly self motivated and driven to get things done.

We have found Laura’s writing very effective and we are really grateful for all the time she has put into our projects getting us into national press (Telegraph, The Mail, The Times and many more).

We thoroughly recommend Laura Berrill PR Agency to anyone who’s looking for experienced professional assistance with branding, marketing and PR.

Two Thumbs up from Magician’s Nephew Band!

Thank you Laura!



Ellie Good, Illustration

Laura was very open, helpful and honest with my product from the outset. She wrote 2 fantastic and to-the-point releases for two different markets; one that I had found and a second that she identified. As a result of Laura’s hard work, I got two news stories in National magazines. Really pleased with her service!