Why PR agencies should publicise their actual results

Public Relations is all about results

So why then, when I regularly check what other regional and nearby agencies are up to, do I mostly find that their websites never actually show what they have achieved for their clients in media coverage?

I update my coverage on a regular basis, because, funnily enough, that is what the client is after – coverage, exposure, media recognition. Simple really.

Time after time I find so-called ‘PR agencies’ spout loudly about what work they have done for the client, but don’t record the results, outcome or return on investment.

And there is a lot of jargon. My job, as a former nationals’ journo, is to cut through the jargon of whichever industry I am working with, to make it interesting to the press – ie: the readers and the potential buyers.

I also notice a lot of spelling and grammatical mistakes on the websites. I don’t mind that, it means mine looks a hell of a lot more professional and credible – as does all of the above.

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