High tech firm uses the old and reclaimed to deck out city offices

Mobile App firm combines brand new high tech with reclaimed and recycled

A MOBILE media company in the heart of London has kitted out its high-tech offices with furniture and fittings made from second-hand reclaimed timber.

Blippar is a new type of mobile platform and medium for smart devices with the power to turn physical imagery, print or products into instantaneous, interactive use on a smart phone or tablet. The company has an office in New York and recently launched in Japan.

Steve Spencer, one of the founders and Chief Creative Office, said they chose St Albans Wood Recycling to make the furniture after searching online for an ‘industrial’ type boardroom table.

“We were after material which had a  worn and solid feel such as scaffold boards or similar and saw something similar for sale by them. We then contracted them directly after looking at their website.

“We are a young, growing and dynamic business and wanted to reflect our company values in the new offices we have just acquired in Holborn. The idea of using recycled materials to create something tactile and beautiful was a great fit for us, plus the price was cost effective,” he said.

The St Albans Wood Recycling team designed, made and installed the 13 ft length boardroom table, a custom-designed fruit box wall for awards and showcasing, plus bespoke shelf cupboard wall units which span the width of the office.

“The work provided has been the cherry on the cake. The wood works really well with the industrial metal and concrete materials we already have. It’s made the office a great place to work and an environment that encourages creativity and teamwork. Also, making something useful and in some cases beautiful out of other peoples’ rubbish appeals to us. Plus, investing in a charity based, social enterprise was another incentive to go with St Albans Wood Recycling,” added Steve.

Jennie McDowell,  assistant manager at the Herts-based, not for profit organisation, said getting the large table delivered and installed safely was a challenge, but one everyone enjoyed, especially on seeing the results.

“The table weighed half a tonne and we carried it up six flights of stairs in the heat! But we stick to tight deadlines and deliver on time.

“It’s great to see that even the most high-tech and modern of businesses can also use our reclaimed wood products and put them to great use, while helping the environment and create sustainable practises. Our work can fit in to the oldest home or garden or the most modern city building, plus it’s a lot more affordable.”

And Steve concluded: “The recyclers offer great craftsmanship and are always willing to put the extra effort in to make the final product look as good as it can be. We’ll be using them again very shortly.”

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